Venture Capital Funding for Fintechs Off to a Strong Start

Venture Capital Funding for Fintechs Off to a Strong Start

Venture Capital Funding for Fintechs Off to a Strong Start

Late March and April were busy months for fintech funding. The year started out very strong for fintech companies and has only grown as the months have gone by. In fact, early-stage companies were able to raise millions of dollars over just a months’ time.

Series A funding rounds were held by Novo, a challenger institution in the field of small-business banking, and the no-code platform provider Unqork. In addition, the stimulation software provider Simudyne and the construction-lending platform provider Built Technologies attracted investments from large banks like Regions Financial, Barclays and Goldman Sachs.

Ever-growing in popularity, artificial intelligence ideas also continue to draw bank support. Online lender Upstart raised $50 million in Series D round. The company also said it could both lower loan loss rate and increase the number of customers underwritten.

At the same time, Extend is building a platform to distribute digital cards by partnering with payment networks and card issuers. Likewise, startup MotoRefi has claimed that it can save consumers $100 a month on vehicle refinancing by connecting them to trusted credit unions and community banks.

Payments Industry Continues to be Transformed

Competition in the payments industry continues to intensify. Meanwhile, traditional banking space continues to struggle in its attempt to recover from its weak state. Since the Great Recession, traditional lending has just not been the same and access to small business financing limited.

For new and established businesses in need of financing, this does not mean the end of your business plans. Your chances of being approved for funding are actually higher than they were just a few years ago, thanks to alternative lenders like First American Merchant.

Through a reputable alternative lender, merchants are able to secure the lowest rates for exceptional financing solutions like a fintech business loan. These providers also offer business funding merchant cash advance iso solutions. Working with a provider like FAM that specializes in the high-risk field and that works with both low risk and hard-to-approve merchants ensures business owners have access to quick and easy working capital.

The payment ecosystem continues to experience major developments that will not be slowing down any time soon. As fintech funding continues to ramp up, make sure your business has all the resources it needs to succeed.

Author Bio: As the FAM account executive, Michael Hollis has funded millions by using business funding merchant cash advance iso solutions. His experience and extensive knowledge of the industry has made him financeexpert at First American Merchant.

Affordable Commercial Vehicle Rental for the Construction Industry

If you run a construction company, the chances are you will require plant hire on a regular basis, and there are commercial vehicle rental firms that have a wide range of top quality vehicles that can be rented long or short term. Many small builders rely heavily on the expert commercial vehicle workshop in Matlock that is geared up to ensure that all heavy equipment is well-maintained and ready for work at any given time.

With or Without Operator

You might have a skilled heavy plant operator on your books, in which case, you only need to hire the machine, or you might require the equipment and the operator, which the rental company can supply.

Range of Machinery

The list of machines for hire would likely include the following:

  • JCB Diggers
  • Bulldozers
  • Excavators
  • Pile Driving Equipment
  • Flat Bed Trucks

As the plant hire company is established, they would have their own state of the art workshop, which ensures that all machinery is well-maintained, and if you have heavy goods vehicles that require maintenance or repair, they would be happy to carry out the work.

Long and Short Term Plant Hire

You might need a bulldozer for a couple of hours, or a fleet or earthmoving trucks for a couple of weeks, and your local plant hire firm is flexible regarding terms of hire. This is a very competitive industry, so you can expect affordable rates, and if the plant hire company has adequate resources, any breakdowns will not affect your project’s timeline.


A Guide to Retail Shop Fitting

The way you decorate your retail outlet will determine how inviting the shop feels, therefore, careful thought should be given to the interior décor. Fortunately, there are experienced shop fitters in London who also have some design experience, and with their help, you can create a warm and inviting ambience.

Deciding Your Budget

Once the shop fitter knows your budget, he has something to work with, and their considerable retail design experience, a mock up 3D design would be created, allowing the client to get a feel of the design. Ideally, the finished design would be both attractive and durable, and with composite materials, theres no limit to what can be achieved.

Themes & Concepts

Many retail outlets have a unique theme, and the shop fitter should be able to create a setting that is theme based, with such concepts as:

  • Nature Theme– With clever use of bamboo and pine, a natural look can be created.
  • The Futuristic Look– Using glass and stainless steel, a sleek seamless look is possible, which is ideal for a jewellery store, an opticians, or a technical gadget supplier.
  • The Period Look– You might want to focus on the1940s or 60s, which works well for clothing outlets and hair salons.

Meeting Deadlines

It is essential that the shop fitting is completed according to schedule, especially if you are planning a big launch party. An established shop fitting firm would always have the project finished on time, and to budget, which means your marketing plans are no affected.

If you are looking to revamp your retail store, an online search will help you locate the right shop fitter who can turn your vision into reality.

Different Uses of Bonds in a Portfolio

Bonds are among the most sought after investments in the financial markets. Here are some of them. Check them out!

Preserving Principal

One of the most common usages of bonds is to preserve principal. While this concept works excellently with bonds that are perceived to be risk-free, like short-term US government Treasury bills, investors can use it with other types of bonds as well. Removing the chance of any disastrous events, bonds are effective when it comes to preserving principal Media Platform.

Since bonds are essentially debts with scheduled repayments and maturities, lenders (bondholders) can expect their bonds to retain value and terminate at par upon maturity.

A risk-free bond bought at par and held to maturity shoud preserve principal, mature at par, and provide a dependable cash flow Forex Brokers.


Saving for the future has historically been one of the best purposes of bonds. Savings bond provide one of the most secure and time-tested approaches to long-term saving.

They are guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the US government and are sold in various formats, including discount and interest-pying formats. Savings bonds are created to be held to maturity and are usually given as gifts to young investors to help them learn something about saving.

Managing Interest-Rate Risk

Interest-rate risk is the risk inherent in all kinds of bonds that the price of the bond will fluctuate with prevailing rate. This risk exists since a bond’s priced value is the culmination of the present value of the future interest payments and returned principal upon maturity.

And due to this valuation, there is an inverse relationship between the bond’s current price and the prevailing rates.

For instance, when the current rates increase, all things considered, the price of the bond should be falling. This is a very simplified instance of the relationship between interest rates and bond prices and applies to the highest-quality bonds first.


Diversification is usually the most overlooked use of bonds. Bonds have a generally low correlation with other asset classes, and this makes them an excellent diversification tool.

For instance, you can create a simple portfolio of large cap stocks and US government bonds where the cross-correlation between the assets is usually less than 1.

Even though it’s rare to find which assets are perfectly negatively correlated, the diversification between bonds and stocks can help smooth out those volatile market swings, particularly during flights to quality.

Long-Term Planning

One of the benefits of bonds over other asset classes is that they have predictable stream of income that can be used to fund future expenses for individuals and corporate pension obligations for institutions.

This is one of the reasons why financial institutions, such as banks and insurance companies, use long-term bonds for their long-term planning.

Bonds let them match their assets liabilities with a much higher degree of certainty than with other asset classes.

Expense Matching

People usually use bonds to match future expected cash need. Institutions also use this strategy on a more complex basis called immunization. The concept assumes a match of the duration of the bond to the expected cash flow, which can be easily accomplished by using a zero-coupon bond in which the maturity matches the bond’s duration. While this will not provide any income over the life of the bond, it will still provide a direct match.

Bookkeeping Advice for the Budding Entrepreneur

When a budding entrepreneur has a great business idea, he first researches the industry and if there is a demand for his product or service, a business plan is put together, which will be the framework for the venture. While an entrepreneur needs to have a lot of skill sets, you cannot afford to overlook accounting, and with that in mind, here are some useful bookkeeping tips to ensure you start out as you mean to continue. The knowledge of those skills you need to operate a successful business will be provided here at that will help you establish your business successfully.

  • Enlist the Help of an Accountant– This is something you should do at the very outset, and with affordable accounting & bookkeeping services in Salisbury, you can easily find a suitable firm. The first thing the accountant will do is to help you set up a bookkeeping system which you should follow, and this makes his job a lot easier when it comes to filing your tax returns.
  • Make Good Use of Business Software– There are some amazing computer programs that make accounting so much easier. Business software can help you to create spreadsheets, graphs, charts and forecast reports.
  • Attention to Detail– Ask any accountant and they will tell you that attention to detail is critical when recording business transactions. The numbers must add up, and even the odd penny discrepancy must be uncovered, and if you get into the habit of recording every transaction, it will soon become second nature.

Accounting is a critical element in running a business, and with some professional assistance from the outset, your books will always be up to date.

Basic Accounting for Small Businesses

If you are planning to launch your own business shortly, you will need some basic accounting skills in order to record every business transaction. In fact, you should enlist the help of trusted accountants in Letterhead prior to trading, as the specialist will set up a routine for you to follow, which would be a daily review of updating your spreadsheets, followed by a weekly data entering session.

Making Good Use of Business Software

There are some excellent business software suites that take the hard work out of bookkeeping, with the following utilities:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Graphs & Charts
  • Forecasts and reports

Keeping Accurate Records

This is the key task for any small business owner, and you must avoid getting into a situation where your accounts are behind schedule, which is best achieved with daily updating of the income-expenditure that your business incurs.

Hiring an Accountant

This is not something you can leave for very long, and ideally you would have an accountant on board the day you start trading. The accountant will help you to create the right files and would show you how to update them, and should you be looking for a local accountant that specialises in small businesses, a Google search will help you locate a suitable accountant.

Taxation & Payroll

If you have employees, then you must calculate payrolls, as well as making sure you comply with tax and national insurance requirements. You will definitely need some expert help with this, which is where your accountant comes into play.

Do You Need to Work at Height

Working at height is not easy if you are not using the right equipment. That is why it is essential that project managers at construction sites know who to call when their labourers need to work up high. Because falls represent the most serious injuries at construction sites, you need to be prepared if you have to have work done at a level that is high.

Don’t Let a Fall Hinder Your Production Efforts or Cause Concern

Falls indeed can cut into your production time and cause workers to mistrust working at your site. That is why you need to make sure that all your workers are safe by choosing trusted access equipment in Bradford. By taking this approach, you can find a platform that can be used by more than one worker, such as a platform that will provide the following:

  • Ease of access to a specific area
  • Barriers so workers will not fall easily
  • Stabilisation so workers do not have to worry about falls caused by the wobbling of a platform or a ladder
  • Assurance that your workers can get the job done without the fear of injury

Make Safety the Utmost Priority

When you are deciding what to use to safeguard your workers, you need to make fall safety a priority. Any type of injury can put a damper on a site’s activities. It can also lead to some serious troubles with respect to compensation and liability. That is why you simply cannot afford to take chances in this respect. Find out all you can about ease of access and the types of platforms that are used for certain job site activities.



Global Market of Liner Hanger Manufacturers USA

Oil and gas industry comes under the category of the most successful industries in the world. Another one of its innovative product is a  ‘liner hanger’ which is allowing this industry to make giant strides in the global market. Like in so many industries, Liner Hanger Manufacturers USA is leading the way here as well.

A liner holder is a framework/device that is used to drape a liner in a generation well. The demand for liner holders is identified to be directly related to the number of wells penetrated and finished. The expanding interests in investigation, creation, and boring exercises and the number of upstream tasks, over the world, by the oil makers like the United States and OPEC is relied upon to drive the liner holders market. Therefore, Liner Hanger Manufacturers USA has been dominant in recent times.

The function that separates a liner from a standard casing column is that it does not begin at the highest point of the well, but at a certain point, below the ground.

Liners are also used to save money on metal expenses, as the pipe does not run to the top of the well. It also minimizes cementing costs.

The Global Market of Liner Hangers Manufacturers USA

The demand for Liner Hanger has risen by a substantial 6.5% from 2017. The influence of Liner Hanger Manufacturers USA can be highlighted by the fact that North America has the largest share in the market, which is followed by Pacific-Asia and Middle-East countries. Together, these three areas contribute to 50% of the total demand.

Why Is The Demand For Liner Hangers Going To rising?

One of the main reasons for a predicted rise in demand is a shift from vertical drilling to lateral drilling which has led to a rise in drilled footage per well. Consequently, the demand for liner hanger is also expected to rise.

Over the previous decade, the horizontal lengths of the unusual wells bored in the United States have expanded from 2,500 feet to almost 7,000 feet. As China and Argentina have likewise begun to put resources into their traditional fields, following the United States, the interest for liner holders is believed to increment in the next few years.

United States: The Real Market!

According to EIA, United States Crude production will rise by 25% in the next two years. Tight oil production in the USA rose considerably in 2017 and formed 54% of the total crude production of the United States. Effective hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have also contributed to the increased production rates.

The horizontal rig count in the US in 2017 rose by 19.5% in a matter of just one year. This will have a positive impact on demand for liner hangers in future. The tight oil production of West Texas and New Mexico is the main driver of The United States market.

This increased tight oil production along with the growth of renewable resources has provided opportunities to increase economic development in North America. The average active rig count IN North America is 2018 was twice as it was in 2016. This had a massive impact on the demand for liner hangers in the recent past. The demand for liner hangers will be positively affected by the fact that the USA is planning to become an oil exporter by 2022.

Undoubtedly, Liner Hanger Manufacturers USA has grown tremendously and will only get better from here. Below are some listed major Liner Manufacturers USA-

  1. Schlumberger Ltd: It is considered to be the best oilfield service. It employs 1,00,000 people and got headquarters in Paris, Houston, London and the Hague. It operates in 85 countries.
  2. Halliburton: It is one of the largest oil field companies which operates in more than 70 countries and employs about 55,000 countries. It has got its headquarters in Dubai and Houston. Its primary business segment is Energy Service Groups.
  3. Weatherford: It is one of the leading oilfield organizations giving imaginative arrangements, innovation and administrations to the oil and gas industry. The Company works in more than 90 nations and has a system of roughly 800 areas, including production, administration, innovative work, and preparing offices.
  4. Baker Hughes Incorporated: This company is another important market player as it is the only provider of integrated oilfield products, services and digital products. It claims to have resources, technology and the cloud to reduce wastage and risk. It operates in 120 countries.


The energy consumption is supposed to increase by 28% from 2015 to 2040 worldwide. This fact throws light upon how the demand for liner hanger is expected to rise. With a shift from vertical to horizontal drilling added with effective hydraulic fracturing and continuous growth in renewable resources like natural gas, the Liner Hanger Manufacturers USA  have risen rapidly in the global market for liner hangers and is supposed to only go forward and be the leading market player in this industry.

Great Advice on How to Choose the Best Business Entity for Your New Business

Learning how one can start your own business is the first step towards private freedom and economic security. But with a view to make the process as smooth and trouble-free as possible, you want to make certain you’re going about it the right way.

One of the first things you’ll have to think about when deciding how you can start your own business is what sort of business entity is right for you. There are numerous issues to consider: the character of your specific business endeavor, whether you need to protect your personal assets, whether or not you will be looking for a loan, etc. There are a number of choices out there, every one with its unique benefits and disadvantages.

Sole proprietor

Being a sole proprietor is the easiest business entity option available when deciding how you can start your own business. Basically, it implies that you and your business are the same – you ARE your business. You have no associates (thus the term “sole”), and the companies cease to exist when your involvement ends, whether by choice or your death.

The advantages of a sole proprietor business is its simplicity. You usually want solely to begin doing business. In some localities you may have to file your business with the city or county, and, depending on the kind of business and your local legal stipulations, chances are you’ll need a permit. But other than that, you are typically good to go. You don’t even need a separate checking account, since you and your business are the same (although it probably is sensible to open one, so that you can easily differentiate your enterprise and private funds).

After all, a sole proprietorship comes with a few disadvantages, too. Before everything, since you and your business are the same, so are your assets. Due to this fact, should anyone take legal action in opposition to your organization, your private assets will be at risk, in addition to your business assets. Because of this alone, when you have relatively substantial private assets, another business entity probably makes more sense for you when deciding the best way to start your own business.


Most likely essentially the most well-known business entity is the corporation; it’s what you in all probability think of first once you resolve to start your own business. Unlike a sole proprietorship, a corporation is separate and distinct from its proprietor(s). Think of it as a different “person,” if you will. It has its own assets and liabilities, can survive the involvement of its owners, has its own name, checking account, etc.

The most important advantage of choosing to start your own business as a corporation is to defend you and your assets from liability. For the reason that the corporation is a separate entity it’s answerable for its own activities and financial duties – AS LONG AS the owners (shareholders) follow the rules of the state wherein they’re incorporated and keep their private and corporate actions, property, etc. separate from one another. If the shareholders do something on behalf of the corporation that is considered unlawful or irresponsible, they can be held personally responsible.

Different advantages include some tax benefits (talk to an accountant to understand more), plus the enhanced business image of being a “corporation.” Customers, buyers, banks, etc. are often more inclined to do business with a corporation than a sole proprietor.

Along with the benefits of establishing yourself as a corporation come some added complications. Again, you will need to abide by the corporate rules and guidelines of your state of incorporation. There could also be further charges or taxes concerned, maintain records of annual shareholder meetings, and in some circumstances, potentially high tax liability. Corporations are also more complicated and costly to set up. Whereas you can do it yourself, it is sensible to enlist the help from a lawyer or accountant.

Detailing all the pros and cons of a corporation is a giant subject, and can differ from state to state, as well as the type of corporation you form (S- or C-Corp). So seek the advice of a neighborhood legal professional to totally understand the benefits and disadvantages.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Thought of by some to be the very best of both worlds when deciding the way to start your own business, the LLC is a relatively new business entity. LLCs offer you protection from personal liability in business matters, but are simpler to establish and maintain than a corporation.

Like a corporation, there are specific rules and guidelines one must comply with in an LLC – however again, typically fewer than in a corporation. The other major advantage is tax-related. Profits in an LLC can move through to the owners. In other words, the LLC doesn’t pay tax itself; rather, the owners pay personal income tax on their share of company profits.

When it comes to disadvantages, there are few (when compared to a corporation). Whereas an LLC is actually more sophisticated to arrange and preserve than a sole proprietorship, it’s typically much less so than a corporation, while offering many of the same advantages.

This article ought to only serve as an introduction to which business entity to choose when deciding how to start your own business. This is a vital decision. Whereas it’s possible to change your business type down the road, it is always less complicated (and less expensive) to choose the best option right from the start. What kind of business is the right one for you? Please check out my website for more information before you speak with your lawyer to turn your dream of having your own business into a successful reality!

How to Turn Your Business Idea Into a Career

Many home based business start with nothing else but an idea and somebody’s will to make that idea into a reality. While it’s true that financing can help you start up quicker and make your new business into your only job sooner, a home based business can become a full time career quickly if you use your resources wisely. It’s important however to take a good look at your business idea before abandoning it all to chase after your dream, since some business ideas won’t be profitable and you may need to adapt it and correct any potential issues before starting up.

Viability analysis of a business idea

You should go to great lengths to decide about the potential of a business idea, because your vision may be clouded by the fact that you’d love to make your business idea into your full time job. Do not leave a stone unturned, and quantify things. Do not buy a full warehouse before knowing for sure that there is enough people willing to buy those goods, even if you think it’s a great idea. Risk should be taken based on hard data and numbers, not just a feeling that things will work out well. It’s also worth asking trusted friends or family to give you their opinion on your business plan, specially if you tend to be overly optimistic, but don’t let naysayers stop you. Most business ideas have potential if they are approached correctly. Maybe your product is not unique, but you can make the way you sell and promote it unique and better than your competition.

Recruit help or train yourself

Take a look at your strengths and weaknesses and how they affect your business, and consider enrolling some friends or family to help you with the things you are less good at doing. For example, if you are really bad at paperwork, and you know it, you may be better off getting somebody to help you with that from day 0 instead of having to pay an accountant a lot of money for a rush job the day before your tax deadline expires. If you know what skills you need you may also consider getting training for them, in preparation to starting up. You can get lots of free training online in subjects such as marketing, sales and general business management and etiquette. This is specially important if your core skills are technical. No matter how good your product is, you’ll need to be able to sell it and manage the cash flow as well, even if you are the best engineer in the entire world.

Get registered as soon as possible

In most countries starting a business is easy and doesn’t cost a lot of money, so you should do that as soon as possible. This will free your hands to start trading without having to worry about such things as the bank taking longer to approve your business bank account than you’d have expected. This also prevents somebody else registering your business name before you get around it. The same goes for domain names, registering your favourite domain name often costs less than a night out, and saves you the frustrating situation of somebody else beating you to it. And once you are registered, make a plan to get started and work for it. Set a final date when you will hand in your notice and become officially an entrepreneur, and do your ground work and research before that so when the day comes you are ready to start trading.

Do you really need financing?

While having your business office sharing the guest bedroom on your house and using an old computer may be a bit inconvenient, it may be a better alternative than trying to raise finance or getting a loan from banks who, in times of economic downturn, may not be very friendly to upcoming small businesses. Many small home business ideas can start with minimal to no capital, and once you have a running, functioning business is considerably easier to access finance to allow for growth. Do not be tempted to get a loan just to finance an expensive office in the best area of town and overpriced equipment that you don’t really need, or you may be forfeiting your future as an entrepreneur. Banks and potential suppliers will look at your past credit history as a business owner before dealing with you, and if you seem risky they may give you more expensive terms.

Promote early, promote often

Even if you are generally not a sales person, make a point of telling everybody you know about your business or they won’t know that you are offering the services or products they, or their friends and families, need. The same goes about having a website and implementing some sort of marketing strategy to create buzz for your new product or service, so you can have clients as soon as you start trading.

There are many ways to advertise your small business for free or at minimum cost, so every home based small business should be able to promote themselves using social media, SEO and even PPC advertising. Create a strategic business marketing plan to promote your business, and plan it so you can do a bit every day along with your core business development tasks.

Many easy business ideas can easily become a full time career if you are willing to stick with it even if it takes a bit of time and quite a lot of effort to become profitable. Despite the fact that being a small business owner is a challenging path, it is also a rewarding a potentially very profitable one. Even if you later on decide to join the workforce again and work for others the experience of being a home business owner will enrich you and make you more desirable as an employee. However, keep in mind that entrepreneurship seems to be addictive, and many business owners start several successful businesses over their lifetime.